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Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church Riley
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About Us
The history of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church Riley began in 1905 in a two room house
under the leadership of Rev. L.A. Thomas.   During the 104 year history of Mt. Zion, the
congregation has been spiritually guided by several pastors namely: Rev. L.A. Thomas, Rev.
G.G. Austin, Rev. Coleman Smith, Rev. J.M. Wesley, Rev. Clarence Ramsey Smith, Rev.
George M. Williams, Rev. Leo A. Dawson, and Rev. Dr. Patrick L. Sellers.

Mrs. Lucy Baker was the first member to join the church and since that time there have been
many to follow.   In 1932, the original church was destroyed by fire and was rebuilt three
months later under the leadership of Pastor G. G. Austin.  Over the years, Mt. Zion continued
to experience membership growth which led to the building of a new church facility in 1961.  
Following the untimely death of Rev. C. R. Smith Sr., Rev. George M. Williams was installed as
pastor in 1992. Under his direction, our present sanctuary was constructed in 1996 and the old
sanctuary is being used as a fellowship hall.  

Today, Mt. Zion is no longer the original two room house but contains a 515 seat sanctuary,
along with classrooms and office space.  Under the leadership of our current Pastor, Dr.
Patrick L. Sellers, the church has sparked a new direction.  Since taking the pulpit in January
2009, Pastor Sellers have initiated several new ministries along with education and training
opportunities for members.  We now have a Singles Ministry, Couples Ministry, an extended
bible study class, and our youth and young adult ministries have been full-fledged with new
members.  Through our Pastor’s vision and spiritual guidance, our overall mission is to work
faithfully in bringing more souls to Christ.

                                                   Church Theme
                                    Being What God Has Called Us To Be:
               A Christ Centered, People Loving, Purpose Driven Ministry of God.